Evan Greer :: Picketline Song

well my mother never told me what was right or what was wrong 
she never taught me to play guitar never taught me to write songs 
but one thing that she taught me i'll remember for all time 
and that's that you should never walk across a picket line 

oh i would never walk across a picket line 
solidarity forever don't mean just sometimes 
long live the union! cross my heart and hope to die 

if I should ever walk across a picket line 

she took me to the factory where the workers were on strike 
the company had called in scabs to break the union's might 
my mom went to the front and she addressed those greedy swine 
said i dare any of you men to walk across this picket line 


well one of them came forward and he had something to say: 
no woman will stand between me and one day's pay 
i don't care 'bout the others i am taking what is mine 
and with that he tried to walk across our picket line 


mom called him a dirty scab and gave him two pieces of her mind 
she picked up and she threw every rock that she could find 
and when he called the cops on her she kicked his behind 
and said that's what you get when you walk across a union's picket line! 


well to this day i can remember what my mother used to say 
we're fighting for a better world, not just for better pay 
and if we stick together then we'll win this fight in time 
so long as we don't walk across each other's picket lines