Bud Billings & Carson Robison :: Poor Man's Heaven

Now friends gather near, I want you to hear

A dream that I had last night

There's a land o'er the sea for you and for me

Where we won't have to struggle and fight.

There's real feather beds where we lay our heads

And a nice private room for each one

There's shoes with soles and pants without holes

And no work up there to be done

In Poor Man's Heaven, the land of the free

There's nothing up there but good luck

There's strawberry pie that's twenty feet high

And whipped cream they bring in a truck.

We'll own all the banks and shoot all the cranks

And we won't give a durn who we hurt

And the millionaire's son won't have so much fun

When we put him to shovelling dirt.

We'll know how it feels in automobiles

With a footman to open the door

And folks that get smart, we'll take them apart

And spread them all over the floor.

In Poor Man's Heaven, we'll run the whole place

And we won't have nothing to fear

We'll eat all we please, from ham and egg trees

That grow by a lake full of beer.

We'll live on champagne and ride on the train

And sleep in the Pullman at night

And if someone should dare to ask for our fare

We'll haul off and put out his lights.

We'll take a hand rail and open the jail

And let all the poor men out quick

And the sheriff's own mug we'll throw in the jug

And then throw the key in the creek.

In Poor Man's Heaven we'll have our own way

No salt pork and beans over there

But we will be fed our breakfast in bed

And served by a fat millionaire

We won't need to yearn for money to burn

'Cos we'll own a big money press

We'll run her full speed, and make all we need

And light our cigars with the rest.

The landlords we'll take and tie to a stake

And make 'em give back all our dough

Then we'll let them sweat, and learn what they get

When they go to that hot place below

In Poor Man's Heaven we'll own our own home

And we won't have to work like a slave

Then we will be proud to sing right out loud

The land of the free and the brave.